The body is the shore on the ocean of being.

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The skin is no more separate from the brain than the surface of a lake is separate from its depths. They are two different locations in a continuous medium. To touch the surface is to stir the depths.

Deane Juhan



Better treatments through a client centred practice.

Return to Source Massage Therapy is practiced with the intention to create space for every individual client that walks into the treatment room.

Creating space within the context of Return To Source means:

-providing time to talk about health history, experiences within the medical field and to ask any and all questions 

-client empowerment by clearly defining consent, providing multiple treatment options, and creating an agreed upon treatment plan prior to proceeding

-providing a judgement free space for every person to be in their body; where they are, as they are, who they are, how they are

-treating the individual as a whole - thereby creating a network between different therapies such as; physiotherapy, naturopathy, chiropractor, counselling, psychotherapy, personal training, etc...



Return to Source is built upon respect for nature, clients and therapists. 

1.  Respect for nature by using pure, ethically sourced essential oils, 100% cotton sheets, organic biodegradable laundry soap, pure massage oils with no added petroleum, bi-products or artificial scents. 

2. Respect for clients by trusting in the body's innate ability to find balance and vitality. There are no imposed 'fixes', no gripping and clenching, no yelps of pain, and no grin and bare it appointments. By allowing healing through relaxation are  Therapists able to guide the body to healing, trusting in the body's innate wisdom to find it's way. We believe that by providing treatment information, an open supportive environment, treatment options, ample time for questions, feedback and home care are we able to fully support client goals. 

3.  Respect for staff by paying a fair wage, and allowing therapists the freedom to create their own schedules. Manual therapists tend to have short careers due to injury and burn out from over treating. This model allows ample time for recovery, self-care and a long rewarding career.

Please see individual therapist profiles for more information on their unique influences and modalities. 



What conditions and symptoms can be managed through massage therapy?

Consider booking a massage if you experience any of the following. Please note that this list is not self limited.


loss of sleep




postural disturbance





repetitive injury

sports injury

peripheral nerve lesion


Multiple Sclerosis




rheumatoid arthritis



TMJ dysfunction


chronic pain




A little more information on what to expect in your massage therapy appointment.

Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. Offering customized treatments for your specific set of concerns allows your body to engage its innate ability to heal. To get the most of your appointment it is important that you feel empowered and free to speak up for your needs. Following is a description of what you can expect of your appointment.


What happens first?

Upon arrival you will be directed to a private treatment room separate from the yoga studio. 

Here we will discuss;

-Your health history

-Your experience with massage therapy and health care

-Your treatment expectations

-Where you are experiencing discomfort

This is the time that we get to know each other. Ask any and all questions from this point on. The appointment is all about your needs.

Following this, we move into assessment and creating a treatment plan.


Pin pointing the source of discomfort

After reviewing your health history, and why you have come for massage. We will work together to perform some assessments. Assessments can include:

-Range of motion

-Length/Strength testing

-Palpation of the area of concern

-Orthopedic testing

-Gait and posture


Some tests are performed seated, others require you to stand or lie on the massage table. All assessments are performed over the clothes and require your consent. If you are uncomfortable at any point you can always ask that assessments be modified or change the focus of the assessments. 

There are other tests that may be performed, but they will be discussed and explained before hand. 


Making a plan and preparing the table

Based on your health history, interview and assessments a specific treatment plan is prepared for you. We will discuss and agree on a treatment plan before the massage begins. Things discussed include:

-Where on the body massage will be applied

-Positioning on the table

-Pillowing positions 

-Techniques that may be used (types discussed further down the page)

-Whether aromatherapy or hydrotherapy will be used and where

Though the above plan will vary person to person, some things that always remain the same are:

-You have the right to undress to your comfort level - massage can be performed over the sheets, over clothing or directly on the skin

-If the massage is being performed directly on the skin, only the part of the body being worked on will be uncovered

-You have the right to withdraw your consent, modify or change the treatment plan at any point in the treatment

-Massage should not be painful - you should always be able to breathe through any technique used

-Your comfort is always paramount!


After agreeing on a plan, what happens next?

Once we have agreed on a treatment plan, you will be left alone in the room to get on the table (unless you require assistance).

Depending on your level of dress you may 

-remove all jewellery

-remove any clothing you deem as unnecessary for treatment

Once ready, lay on the table in the position as discussed and cover yourself with the blankets. I will knock on the door before entering the room to ensure you are ready. 

At this point, the lights are dimmed to induce relaxation, and quiet music will be played. You can always request that the music be changed, volume be lowered, or lights be left on. Whatever makes you comfortable! 

This is where the treatment begins - remember that you have the right to stop or modify the treatment at any point. 


After the massage is over...

Following the massage I will leave the room and give you time to dress.

When you are ready, I will re-enter the room to discuss:

-How you are feeling

-Questions you may have

-Reassess the areas addressed to see what tissue changes have occurred

-Provide you with home-care to help manage your pain or discomfort

Payment is then made via any method that best suits you. 




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